Dr. Matthew Bradshaw, DDS

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Our team at Jones Lake Dental is completely committed to supporting the health and beauty of your smile. We offer everything from preventative services to dental implants in order to give our patients as many options for their oral health as possible. Dr. Matt Bradshaw is gentle, thorough, and skilled in all areas of general dentistry as well as many expanded services. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Moncton dental office.

Will my root canal hurt?

We understand many patients fear pain when they come to the office. We want you to know that your comfort is always extremely important to us. We believe the best dentistry is beautiful, functional, and pain free! Dr. Matt Bradshaw is extremely gentle and will not proceed with your appointment until you don’t feel a thing.

You are always in control at our office. If you ever feel something, just say, “Ah” and we will take the necessary precautions to make sure you’re completely numb.

We know that you might still feel some anxiety. If that is the case, we do offer oral sedation so that you can relax during your procedure. Not only will it take the edge off of any stress you might feel, but also has an amnesic effect and shortens your perception of time. 

In spite of rumors to the contrary, root canals usually relieve your painful symptoms because they eliminate the infection – the source of your pain. While it is completely normal to fee some tenderness for a couple of days, you should feel gradual improvement each day. 

We will discuss your follow up care and what to expect during your recovery when we see you for your appointment.

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Dear patients of Jones Lake Dental, I'm relieved to announce that the Government of NB and the NB Dental Society have granted dentists permission to reopen our clinics and begin seeing patients. Jones Lake Dental will reopen on Wednesday May 13th, priority will be giving to emergencies but we are available to provide dental treatment as needed. Regular checkups and cleanings cannot be offered until June 1st. We will be contacting all patients that were previously scheduled prior to the Covid-19 shutdown to offer new appointments. We have taken all the necessary precautions in our office to ensure patient safety during this unusual time. You will notice the process of scheduling appointments, arriving at our office, and your time in our office is different than your past experiences, as we must take additional steps to ensure your comfort and safety. We appreciate your understanding. We look forward to seeing you all again, thank you for your patience!