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Our team at Jones Lake Dental is completely committed to supporting the health and beauty of your smile. We offer everything from preventative services to dental implants in order to give our patients as many options for their oral health as possible. Dr. Matt Bradshaw is gentle, thorough, and skilled in all areas of general dentistry as well as many expanded services. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Moncton dental office.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are really a final effort to save a troubled tooth. You might wonder why we go to such lengths to save your natural teeth, and the answer is that it is the most cost-effective and healthiest way to preserve your dentistry.

When you lose a tooth, your bone may begin to recede and compromise the stability of the rest of your teeth, as well as your bite, because your teeth may tip and shift toward the gap left by your missing tooth.

Additionally, tooth replacement costs more than preserving your natural tooth. When we perform a root canal, we are trying to do the best thing for your health and your pocketbook.

Root Canal Therapy

Usually the need for a root canal stems from deep decay, trauma, or an infection inside your tooth. When we say you need a root canal, we mean you need root canal therapy – a process that cleans out the infected tissue from inside your tooth and medicates the area to prevent recurring infections.

Dr. Matt Bradshaw is gentle with our patients and can deliver anesthetic in a way that minimizes pain and allows you to feel completely numb. We know a root canal does not necessarily make your list of favorite activities and that is why we proceed slowly and make sure you feel comfortable every step of the way.

Dr. Bradshaw will use tiny precision instruments to clean out the canals in your tooth while leaving your tooth structure intact. His skills and expertise make root canal treatment a breeze.

After Your Treatment

After you have root canal treatment, Dr. Bradshaw will seal your tooth and discuss proper aftercare with you. You may feel a little sensitive for just a few days, but you should notice gradual improvement each day until you completely heal and feel better.

Once we determine your treatment was successful and that you healed properly, we will discuss how to best protect your tooth in the future. Root canal teeth become more brittle and susceptible to breaking, splitting, or cracking. Since we want to save your tooth, we need to find a way to protect it!

For a front tooth, or one that does not absorb force from chewing, a permanent filling may suffice. For a back tooth that chews your food day after day, Dr. Bradshaw may recommend a dental crown that will completely cover your tooth and provide the most protection.

Call Today for an Evaluation

Do you suspect you need a root canal? Are you experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity? You should call our Moncton dental office right away for an exam. Our goal is to save your tooth, and acting quickly can increase the chances of successful treatment.

Our entire team at Jones Lake Dental looks forward to supporting your health through quality, comfortable dentistry.

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