Dr. Matthew Bradshaw, DDS

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Our team at Jones Lake Dental is completely committed to supporting the health and beauty of your smile. We offer everything from preventative services to dental implants in order to give our patients as many options for their oral health as possible. Dr. Matt Bradshaw is gentle, thorough, and skilled in all areas of general dentistry as well as many expanded services. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Moncton dental office.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a versatile treatment that replaces surgical methods with laser-assisted treatment. If you have a gummy smile, periodontal disease, require gingival sculpting, or have canker sores, you could benefit from laser dentistry.

During restorations, using lasers instead of traditional surgical methods means less bleeding and a more accurate restoration treatment because we can take more accurate impressions.

One of the main advantages of laser dentistry is that you could experience faster healing times than with traditional surgery. In fact, most patients report feeling more comfortable during their treatment, as well. Dr. Matt Bradshaw felt that those two qualities alone were valuable enough to seek the technology and training to bring laser dentistry to our Moncton dental office. We are always looking for ways to make your treatment more comfortable.

Do you have sensitive teeth?

We can treat your sensitive teeth with lasers and reduce your sensitivity for up to a year. That means no more painful cleanings! Less sensitive teeth also means that you can drink the hot and cold beverages you love comfortably. This treatment may also be beneficial for patients wishing to whiten their teeth, but who want to avoid the sensitivity that can accompany teeth whitening.

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